Welsh Government

Holyhead is located within the country of Wales - a Celtic part of the United Kingdom which has become increasingly self-governing in recent decades, and gained its own elected national assembly in 1999. The Welsh Government consists of elected Assembly Members (AM's). The majority are elected to a constituency, but there are also a number who are elected through a regional party list system.

Welsh Government 

Many government functions in Wales are now the responsibility of the Welsh Government, which is based in Cardiff. These functions include Health, Local Government, Transport, Education, Economic Development, and European Funding. The Welsh Government also has a number of offices throughout Wales and has adopted a policy of relocating some of its services to regional centres. Welsh Government staff dealing with Holyhead Regeneration matters are now based as a new Welsh Government office for North Wales at Llandudno Junction. 

Merger of Welsh Government Agencies 

A number of Welsh Government controlled/funded agencies were absorbed into the Welsh Government structure in April 2006. These included the Welsh Development Agency (WDA), the Wales Tourist Board (WTB) and Elwa (Education Learning Wales). 

Welsh Assembly Support for Holyhead 

The Welsh Government (directly and via its agencies) is a major funder of various regeneration projects and activities in Holyhead, including the following:- 

  • Communities First - funding 
  • Holyhead Transport & Environment Package - design & land purchase funding 
  • Celtic Gateway - match funding 
  • Penrhos Business Park - match funding
  • Parc Cybi Business Park - direct land & site works investment
  • Town Centre Regeneration Scheme - match funding
  • Town Improvement Grants (TIG) - grants to property investors
  • Holyhead Business Action (HBA) - grants to small business
  • Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) - grants to industry
  • Assembly Investment Grant (AIG) - grants to industry
  • Tourism Development - grants to business
  • Education and Training Initiatives - funding
  • Fishermen's Association project - match funding 
  • Social Housing Grants

The Welsh Government's Regeneration Manager for Anglesey is John Humphreys, who has been instrumental in many Holyhead regeneration activities.