Regeneration Strategy

Holyhead Vibrant & Viable Places Programme

The Holyhead Forward strategy prepared in 2003 provides an overall vision and priorities for regeneration. The document was prepared by Anglesey County Council following a period of research and consultation. This included an examination of previous plans and strategies, statistics and views generated through business and community consultations. The strategy was launched and publicised in June 2003.

The overall vision statement for Holyhead is to:-

"Create a thriving international centre which capitalises on its potential and strategic position".

The document includes the following sections :-

INTRODUCTION The purpose of the strategy
THE OPPORTUNITIES  Why Holyhead is important and has growth potential
THE CHALLENGES The problems that need to be tackled
THE VISION Changing Holyhead for the better

Themes and Priorities - key focus areas for regeneration :-

  • Learning and Leisure
  • Communities
  • Supporting Business
  • European Celtic Gateway
  • Tourism & Environment

Delivering the framework - making it happen

Public Consultation

The Holyhead Forward strategy was subject to public consultation during the summer of 2003, as a result of which circa 70 written responses were received, the vast majority being very supportive of it. A public exhibition featuring the strategy and many constituent projects was held in the town centre on four summer days, which drew around 2,000 people. The consultation exercise confirmed a strong desire by the people of Holyhead to see major improvements happening. A further consultation on the strategy update has also taken place - see below.

Good Practice

The Wales Audit Office (WAO) Review of Regeneration in Wales (2005) has highlighted the wide and integrated regeneration approach proposed in the Holyhead Forward strategy as an example of good practice.

Holyhead VVP Programme

In response to an invitation by the Welsh Government, Anglesey County Council prepared and submitted a bid for regeneration funding for the period 2014-2017 The bid included a new regeneration programme strategy programme document under the title ‘Holyhead 2020’