Holyhead Masterplans


Masterplans are used to set out an overall approach to the development/improvement of a specified area. They help to show the "big picture" and how different projects and issues relate to each other. They are becoming increasingly used as part of regeneration activities, and can be changed and updated as circumstances dictate. 

Holyhead Regeneration Masterplan

An overall plan has been prepared to show the location of the main regeneration projects and development sites in Holyhead. This is an informal plan which is used for information and explanation - it is not a statutory development plan. The plan is a working document and several of the proposals on it have now been implemented. Work is now progressing on preparing a new regeneration plan for Holyhead. 

Town Centre Regeneration Action Plan

A more detailed masterplan / action plan was prepared for the town centre area in 2003 to show the location of the large number of projects proposed or identified for that area. This formed part of the 2003 Regeneration Exhibition.
Again, this is an informal working explanatory plan and is not a statutory development plan. Many of the proposals on the plan have now been implemented. A new Town Centre Masterplan /Action Plan is due to be prepared.

Town Centre Vision and Masterplan 

Work has taken place to prepare a new vision and masterplan for the town centre. The intention is that this will be adopted as supplementary planning guidance.