Marine Sector 

The marine sector has always been very important to Holyhead and now provides new economic potential for the town.

Holyhead Marina

Holyhead Marina is now well established and steadily expanding over time, offering 24 hour access. There are currently around 200 berth-holders, with infrastructure for 350 berths. An onshore development of 900sqm commercial space and 26 residential units was completed in September 2006. The marina caters for some 3,000 visitor boat nights per year. The adjacent boatyard caters for marina berth-holders and many of the 180 sailing club moorings holders. Total capital investment has been around £8M.

Marine Leisure

The combination of a large established Sailing Club and the new Marina has resulted in an increasing number of sailing events and races calling into Holyhead e.g. the Celtic Goodwill Raid and Gaffers Sailing Event. There are a number of marine leisure businesses in the area, including those providing activities or equipment for sailing, boating, sea canoeing, diving, surfing, fishing and boat trips. This has been identified as a growth sector for Anglesey and Holyhead in particular.

Holyhead Boatyard

Holyhead Boatyard is a significant employer in the town, providing many skilled marine engineering jobs. They operate in an international market and provide world-class activities. The company has undertaken an expansion of their facilities to allow them to build or repair/service larger vessels, and further expansion is planned. 

Fishing Industry

Holyhead is the most important fishing port in North Wales and records annual fish landings worth circa £3M. The County Council operates Holyhead Fish Dock.

Waterfront Development

The Holyhead Forward Board identified the economic potential that is provided by Holyhead’s extensive waterfront area. Port authority Stena have formed a joint venture with property developers Conygar to undertake a major mixed-use development in part of the Outer Harbour. The planned scheme includes a new marina, hotel, houses, commercial units, car parking and other facilities.