Employment and Training

Employment and Training are identified as critical issues for the successful regeneration of Holyhead.

Eaton Electrical and Anglesey Aluminium

Two of Holyhead's main industrial employers are underwent a major downsizing during 2009. Eaton's employee numbers were about 265 in late 2008 and fell to about 40 by January 2010. Anglesey Aluminium's employee numbers fell from the previous circa 540 to about 80 by early 2010 and has now closed. About 60% of their staff were from the Holyhead area. Local Action Groups met to co-ordinate the response to this by relevant agencies in terms of providing support, information, retraining courses, and advice on setting up in business. Funding for retraining and a "golden hello" for new employers to take on redundant workers was provided through REACT.

Employment and Training Support

There are a wide range of facilities, organizations, courses, and activities in Holyhead which are supporting employment and training in the town. Some of these are listed below :-

Job Centre Plus / Employment Service - the Holyhead Job Centre is located in Newry Street close to the town centre, where there is support and information for those seeking employment, together with other services. Tel.01407 602500

JE O'Toole Centre - the Holyhead Unemployed Workers Centre is located in Holyhead town centre, and is run by Anglesey County Council. Tel. 01407 760208

Coleg Menai - the Ty Cyfle building in Market Street houses Coleg Menai's facilities in Holyhead, where various courses are held. Tel. 01407 765755

Community Education Courses - a wide range of courses are provided in Holyhead by different bodies. For information about these, please view www.courseforme.org

Communities First - Mon CF provides a range of training activities
Tel: 01407 762004
Website: www.moncf.co.uk

Careers Wales - the Careers Service facility in Market Square in the town centre provides assistance for 16-25 year olds in their transition from education to work. Tel.01407 762177