Celtic Gateway 

The term "Celtic Gateway" has been applied to Holyhead due to its role as an important gateway between Wales and Ireland. This was used as the title of a successful EU transport funding application and has now been applied to the project. The scheme forms the first phase of the Holyhead Transport and Environment Package and is being delivered by Anglesey County Council's Highways Service.

Scheme Summary

The Celtic Gateway scheme involved a package of linked transport infrastructure and related improvements, including the following:-

  • Improved facilities and links for bus/coach users at the ferry terminal/station
  • An upgrade of part of Holyhead Railway Station Platform 2
  • Passenger signage, information and artwork
  • A Left Luggage facility at the Railway Station
  • A Causeway link across the Inner Harbour (linking Platforms 1 & 2)
  • A Landmark Bridge over the railway lines and Victoria Road, giving a pedestrian/cycle link to/from Holyhead Town Centre
  • Town centre gateway and CCTV

Funding Sources

Funding for the package came from a number of different sources, including:-

  • EU Objective One (Transport & Accessibility)
  • Welsh Assembly Transport Grant
  • Welsh Assembly Local Regeneration Fund
  • Welsh Development Agency (Town Improvement Grant)
  • Anglesey County Council (Highways Capital Programme)
  • Arts Council for Wales
  • Railway Heritage Trust
  • Wales Tourist Board

Regeneration Catalyst

The new bridge was the subject of much debate in Holyhead before it opened. Those who have walked across it have been very impressed. The scheme has been a catalyst for a number of investment enquiries and has positively influenced funding bids for the town centre. As well as serving transport needs, it has increased the number of ferry/rail users and tourists who visit the town centre and it is helping to give Holyhead a more positive, modern and dynamic image. 

Public Opening

The Bridge was officially opened by the Welsh Assembly Government Minister Andrew Davies AM, on Thursday 19th October 2006. .

Left Luggage

Holyhead Town Council have been operating this new service since January 2007 as a way of encouraging more passengers to visit Holyhead.

Further Improvements

A new "Pumpkin" cafe has opened in the ferry terminal, with an open-air seating area leading to the Tourist Information Centre. Further improvements around the bridge are under consideration, including improvements to the railway station, and the idea of creating a walkway around part of the Inner Harbour.